Yo vivía en la luna  


Pequeño gran deseo

Que nadie te impida soñar,

o sentir

Nunca dejes que recorten tus alas

o encierren tu espíritu

Y que siempre tengas la fuerza

para pelear por ello

Dear little lad
Here's the story of my life
I lived on the moon (2x)
Grey flying snakes along
Mountains of destiny while
The three tailed moneys
Were drawing the stars
Light from the Sun and I
Hide myself on the dark side, alone
I've run so far
To find my way
Then I dream again.. alone

Dear little boy, listen
To voices of your soul
It showed you the way of
Silence and peace
Follow your thought and fly
Choosing all the things that you desire
Giant waves, fireflies..
Your dream will be your only shell
Your secrets, your hiding place, my son
Don't let them try
To crush your brain
Let you go far
..my son

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